Archive Valley

Location: Paris
Position: Content Marketing Intern
Industry: Entertainment (Film & Documentary)

Connecting content creators and archives worldwide

Company Overview

Archive Valley is an international platform that connects content creators and archive providers all over the world.

Archive Valley exists to bridge the past and the future of storytelling by creating powerful tools to help content producers connect with amazing archive providers all over the world. We aim to make licensing unique footage for a wide range of projects as frictionless as possible. Our innovative platform allows users to make detailed footage requests, receive unique preview material directly from archives on the other side of the world, and license the footage directly through their Archive Valley dashboard. On our platform producers can also hire professional archive researchers from over 50 countries to access and clear even the most difficult to reach material. In our beta phase, our 400+ users have collaborated to research and clear material between Tunisia and Belgium, Canada and Nepal, Paris and Tel Aviv, New York, Los Angeles and Moscow and beyond.


We’re looking for somebody with an interest in journalism, film, documentaries and the world of entertainment as a whole. 

  • Content creation to help build the brand online.
  • Helping to build out our SEO by building a blog with well-researched and well-written articles
  • Drive prospects to the business through content by ensuring it is engaging
  • Have an interest in writing and producing content. Being articulate and precise is key.
  • Interested in non-fiction film and documentaries.

Salary & Holiday

€600 per month with 2 days of holiday per month worked.

Training & Benefits for the student

Given we’re a small team of 6 people we’re you’ll gain supervised responsibility right from the very beginning. You’ll also be working alongside entrepreneurs and get a real insight into the world of entrepreneurship. As creative entrepreneurs, our founders Melanie Rozencwajg and Jhava Chikli worked for over five years with numerous international clients and museums, giving their archives new life through technology and innovative design.

They came up with the idea for Archive Valley after going through the enormous pain of manually searching for archives among 100 different sources in 30 different countries, resulting in 235 hours of research, 100 invoices, 100 licensing agreements, and 15 different languages. This trying experience resulted in a strong desire to streamline the process for content creators seeking archives at a global scale.

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