How It Works
You’ve decided that you want to take on an intern to help take your startup to new levels and we believe we can help!

First you’ll need to contact us using the link below to let us know that you want our help finding an intern.

We’ll then get back to you within 24 hours to move you onto the next stage of our process.
We always like to schedule a call with prospective company’s to help you get the best experience possible and make sure that the Interna is the perfect match for your goals.

During the call we’ll get to know you and your company a bit more and make sure that your goals match the what we can offer you. We’ll also offer you advice on any questions you may have about having an intern.
Now that we know theInterna is the perfect match for you, we’ll send you our Internship Application forms via email.

This form will allow you to fill in all the details needed for us to add your internship to our database and start helping people find your offering.
Now that your application is on our database and budding interns are applying, we’ll start forwarding applications to you.

From there, you can choose which applications you like the look of to start interviewing for the vacant role.
The intern loved you and you loved them, you both can’t wait to start!

You’ll arrange the dates that suit you and the intern best and then it’s time to get prepared for their arrival.

We’ll still be here so stay in contact and if you have any issues or questions during your interns stay drop us a message and we’ll do our best to help you out.
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