The office is located in JESI, Ancona.

The startup has 4 employees actively employed and shares work space with an electronic development and software company that has approximately 15 employees.

Artinoise was found in 2017 as an innovative startup recognised by MIUR. Its mission is the realisation of musical instruments and innovative applications in the field of musical educated for various age groups.

To date it is ready to launch its first product and start a global crowdfunding campaign for the market introduction.



Your internship is likely to be in the field of corporate communication related to marketing, the web and social media.

Your main focus will be on helping to prepare and advertise the crowdfunding campaign as well as translations between Italian and English publishing’s.

Required level of Italian = Medium/High


Remuneration and Holidays

Due to it being an Erasmus internship, their is no remuneration.

The company will however offer to cover lunch costs on work days.

A “success fee” may be negotiated with the company after the crowdfunding campaign is completed.



You will be able to enter into a dynamic startup environment during a product launch.


Insurance Information

All legal provisions regarding workplace insurance will be taken into consideration.


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