CellDynamics is based in Via Villa Clelia 62/D 40026, Imola (Bologna).

Their office currently has 15 employees.

CellDynamics produces biomedical instruments to make laboratory analysis more reliable and predictive. Their uniqueness lays in a proprietary technology which enables to testing of drugs on live 3D tissue models in the best conditions; complete control on drug exposure and no contact between the sample and the plastic ware.



Your role will center around business development, in particular related to creating valuable international connections for contacts with strategic partners and fundraising opportunities. You will also be expected to contribute to social media posts and communications.

They do not expect knowledge of Biology but it is useful that you are curious about it. You will learn the specific Biology from them during the placement which will enable you to speak to the relevant stakeholders.


Remuneration and Holidays

Interns can expect a small salary per month.



CellDynamics did not find a large difference between the startup ecosystem in Italy and in the UK. What they did notice however is that Italy is missing funding and connections with corporate stakeholders.

Your role would be to facilitate such connections, with partners in the areas of London and Israel.

During your internship, you will learn how to interact and get to know the right people, and will create a personal network of potential value, especially if you want to continue working in the startup scene.


Insurance Information

All insurance is covered by CellDynamics.


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