Co-Rent is located in Via Jacopo della Quercia 6a, 40128, Bologna.

There are 3 employees plus collaborators.

Co-Rent is the first shared rental of audio-video equipment. When they were founded, there was no sharing economy model applied to audiovisual rentals in the world.

Co-Rents goal is to build the largest rental network in Italy.



Your internship may include:

  • marketing
  • social media management
  • customer management
  • translation
  • research

You will coordinate with their communication agency in the management of marketing campaigns and must be able to talk to their foreign customers. Their will be a small part of document management and translation which is necessary for business development.

You will also have the option to learn how to use the audio and visual equipment daily, as well as through their monthly workshops.


Remuneration and Holidays

To start the internship, few working hours are requested with no compensation (approximately 20 per week)

However, as the internship and your skills progress they are likely to offer wages for increased hours (up to €200 per month). Additionally, you may be offered a sales commission if comfortable.



You will learn many different skills:

  • how to deal with various types of customers;
    • from the young video maker to large national production company
  • to communicate new concepts in a succinct and effective way
  • to learn about high level equipment used by the most renowned professionals
  • to discover that all parts of the job is important
  • to know how to adapt your work rhythm according to needs;
    • sometimes you have to run, other times you do it calmly!
  • to write informally and welcoming but without becoming “friends” of customers


Insurance Information

Co-Rent uses the support of a security consultant and holds standard insurance coverage for employees at the workplace


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