Execus is one of 3 companies in the world authorised for training on sales solutions by LinkedIn.

They have offices situated in:

  • Milan (Italy)
  • Lugano (Switzerland)
  • Barcelona (Spain)

They have a team of approximately 10 people and many collaborators distributed throughout Europe for business development.

Execus was founded in 2010 by Jordi Jili, an electronic engineer who wrote “Sell with LinkedIn”. LinkedIn contacted him and decided to activate the program as an approved training partner. For many years the company has operated as a consulting company with large customers and since 2018 with the collaboration of Andrea Stecconi and Gianni Adamoli they have started a journey of internationalisation of the company by creating a total of 3 other legal entities in Switzerland, Italy and Spain. The business model has 3 revenue streams; online courses, affiliation and social selling training.



You will mainly working in:

  • business development
  • marketing
  • social media marketing
  • translations

If your Italian is at a sufficient level you will be heavily focused in the Italian branch, otherwise you will be dedicated to the international market.


Remuneration and Holidays

There will be an optional salary which will be discussed with the company.

An Erasmus student will likely receive at least €200 a month with lunch paid for.



You can aspire to become an expert on social selling, especially on the LinkedIn platform. Those who undertake a 6 month internship can make a journey that will lead them to use what they learn from a professional point of view or as extra skills for your CV.

More and more companies are requiring managers to be experts in social selling due to the increasing presence of social media.


Insurance Information

Execus holds all required insurance and safety regulations are respected.


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