iGenius is a groundbreaking AI company that bridges the gap between people and their data by giving it a voice. With offices in Milan, California, London and Switzerland, we strive to open up data to all workers who need it, empower decision-making and transform business with the power of AI. We were also put in Accel’s top 9 European data & analytics companies. Founded in 2016, iGenius is growing — with around 100 team members and a Milan headquarters.

We created crystal – the first virtual advisor for data intelligence. The virtual advisor makes business data accessible and plugs the data skills gap. Putting siloed and complex data into one conversational interface, crystal answers questions and gives data-based insights via voice or easy-to-read data visualizations. These insights make advanced connections between data sources with the help of machine learning, and enrich responses with advice and proactive notifications, so you never miss important changes in your data.



A great opportunity to learn about emerging Augmented Intelligence technology. Combining big data, machine learning and natural language processing, Augmented Intelligence is the latest generation of business intelligence. It enables any company, digital native or not, to leverage its business data and make data-driven decisions quickly and effectively — a key requirement in such uncertain times.

B2B software is aging and it’s time to bring a consumer Apple-like approach to Enterprise software products. Easy-to-use experiences democratize and humanize access to information and this is exactly what businesses need to embrace data-driven decision-making across their entire organization. We like to think of crystal.ai as the iPhone of the business intelligence industry. More at https://crystal.ai/ and https://igenius.ai/

Come help us build the future

We are looking for interns to mainly support daily activities in the Customer Success team and other Departments such as:

  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Human Resources

Customer Success: support our teams during the whole customer acquisition and customer support process.
Operations: design policies, processes and standards; implement compliance required by local and international laws (e.g. data protection).
Marketing: support our content teams and growth hacking operations; create, manage and measure marketing campaigns.
Human Resources: support our people management team in their people operations including talent acquisition, performance management and employer branding.


Remuneration and Holidays

We will propose a compensation and holiday plan on a case-by-case basis depending on the job role and position.



We will provide a dedicated onboarding plan by department. This will allow the intern to learn about company culture and get a full view of the company’s operations.

Data-driven decision-making and augmented analytics are the Future of Work. iGenius will offer you the opportunity to have first-hand experience with some of the most innovative technologies in the field of applied artificial intelligence. The experience is going to be super exciting and we’re sure you are going to love it.

Last but not least, the experience in iGenius will provide the interns with an opportunity to improve their Italian language.


Insurance Information

We put people first. iGenius is ISO:27001, ISO:14001 and ISO:9001 certified. We have implemented all the necessary safety precautions and measures required by law. Once you join us at our HQ in Milan we will require you to participate in our safety and health training.


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