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Mosaico Spirits Srl is based in Bologna.

Two companies that work in synergy in the spirits industry.

That’s The Spirit SRL is a media agency specialised in spirits (with a specific focus on Gin). The main media outlet of the company is, a website all about gin.

They have an e-commerce website selling gins from all over the world. They also are consultants for gin producers. They organise events and participate in trade-shows.

Mosaico Spirits produces personalised bottles of gin – the main website is

The office is situated in Bologna where 3 full time employees work (+ 2 remotes).

They are growing fast and have a specific outlook on foreign markets.



Your internship will include the following:

  • Customer relationship management (pre and post sale)
  • Business Development (new markets)
  • Close work with main sales team and marketing (mostly to open new foreign markets)
  • Translations

A minimum of Italian is required to be able to function in the office but most of the client interactions will happen in either English or a secondary language. The intern must be able to translate written texts from Italian to English.

Only candidates looking into 6+ months of Internship will be considered.

A second language other than Italian is preferential.

Intern will learn how the spirits business works and will meet a network of expert in the sector. They will participate in related events and will work with gin experts to understand the exciting world of gin.


Remuneration and Holidays

Intern will receive 200 Euros a month and lunches paid.

Holidays will be planned with the intern.



Interns will work in a young environment in a fun industry.

They will have the opportunity to independently open new markets with full backing from Sales and Marketing Teams, learning how to handle a new product with a wide customer base.

In the end of the internship the intern will have a wide experience of what it means to work in the spirits industry.


Insurance Information

Basic insurance for incident during working hours for employees is held.

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