Teplaco is located just outside the centre of Modena.

Teplaco currently has 3 employees.

Teplaco is a start-up social media marketing company which aims to promote small businesses both in the local area and on an international scale. The company started out with the name “Share”, constituting a platform that brought users’ content to the forefront and allowed information to be shared in the best possible way. After 6 months, this project evolved into Teplaco.

Teplaco aims to acquire more clients across Modena and Italy in the future, as well as on a more international scale. They will continue to experiment with new techniques of drawing in clients and increasing followers and likes to their social media pages.



Your internship will likely involve helping in the following:

  • planning of marketing strategies
  • market research
  • drawing up business plans
  • influencer marketing
  • Google ads and Facebook ads
  • SEO
  • internationalisation of the startup
  • translating post content
  • acquisition of clients
  • attending meetings in which they discuss investment funds and financing the company


Remuneration and Holidays

Due to the company being early stage, they are unable to financially compensate you during the internship.

Nevertheless, they will do all they can to reduce your costs of living, from help with accommodation to transport.



You will have the possibility to improve your language skills in a friendly, relaxed environment.

You will learn the basis of social media marketing and their methods of promoting companies across Facebook and Instagram.


Insurance Information

Teplaco holds all standard insurance coverage for employees at the workplace and will inform you of their health and safety policy.


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