How It Works
You’ve decided on your year abroad that you want to work as an intern and gain some overseas work experience and have now found yourself on the Interna.

The first step is to take a look at all of our internship offerings and see if there’s anything that excites you and when you’ll be able to partake in those internships.
We always like to schedule a call with prospective interns to help you get the best experience possible before you actually apply.

During the call we’ll get to know you a bit more and make sure that your goals match the companys goals. We’ll also offer you advice on any questions you may have for your year abroad.
Now that you’ve decided which internship you want to apply for and know it’s what’s right for you it’s time to apply.

Fill in the application form for the internship you want, providing your CV in English or Italian.
If the company you’ve applied to is interested by your application, we’ll help the two of you schedule an interview.

Interviews are usually conducted over Skype and length will vary by company.
The company loved your application and interview and have decided that they want to take you onboard.

You’ll arrange the dates that suit you and the company best and then it’s time to get packing and start.

We’ll still be here so stay in contact and if you have any issues or questions during your year abroad drop us a message and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Interviews are usually conducted over Skype and length will vary by company.
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