Location: Milan
Position: Customer Service
Industry: Fashion

We put together two very different worlds: the tradition of Italian craftsmanship and the innovation of the Digital World

Company Overview

The headquarters of the Velasca is in Milan. We are currently a team of roughly forty people, half in the office and the other half in our stores, which are known as ‘Botteghe’ based both in Italy and abroad. Velasca is a company made for those who do not want to follow trends every six months but are looking for a timeless style which never goes out of fashion. Our customers want the know-how handed down from father to son and a company able to create hand-made shoes that last over time because they have been made with that Italian passion and a wealth of knowledge which has built up over the years. We are different from traditional shoe brands because we do not use distributors and retailers. This means there is no intermediary between us and the final consumer. This is why you can only find the Velasca at Velasca. In this way, we are able to offer great quality products at affordable prices.

We put together two very different worlds: the tradition of Italian craftsmanship and the innovation of the digital world.


The person we are looking for will be working in our Creative Department, as a proofreader and support for the creation of texts, allowing the brand to express its identity also in Europe and globally.

The role will be to support the content creation team, having direct relationships with the copywriter, in the revision of texts in English, with particular attention to the choice of words in contexts such as:

– Newsletter

– Post for Instagram and Facebook

– Adv

– Communications, such as texts to hang in the store, to be included in the packaging etc.

– Product descriptions and technical characteristics (leathers, soles, materials, etc.)

– Internal pages of the site

– Articles for the Italian lifestyle magazine, A Million Steps

In addition, the intern will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world made of handcrafted shoes, where our focus is not simply on the shoes themselves, but rather, above all, about craftsmanship, about Italy and the way of being Italian. They will learn how to promote a product, enhancing its characteristics and telling great stories which will attract a wider customer base.

What we ask for:

– An interest in the world of brand communication and advertising

– Good skills of imagination and abstraction

– Excellent writing skills

– Beware of ambiguities or idioms that may be required in the English-speaking world

– Knowledge of English at mother tongue level. Italian is not required but can be helpful.

Salary & Holiday

This is an unpaid internship.

Training & Benefits for the student

The intern will be able to learn everything directly and will be able to test the procedures directly relating to the customer. A successful company is an enterprise that fully satisfies its customers and learning how a an organisation does this will be key for the future development of the intern. An intern does not simply work for us and shadow our work, rather they are involved from day 1, they have a voice and we are always open to new and exciting ideas.

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