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We’re on a mission to place thousands of students in thousands of innovative countries across Europe – take a look at what some of our past users say.

Tom Claughton
Oxford University
French & Italian

Finding the right placement on your year abroad is crucial both for your degree and for your future career prospects. It was because of my time spent working in Sicily that I decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Migration, which will hopefully lead me towards a career in something that I am passionate about. I couldn’t recommend theInterna highly enough.

Federico Palmieri

theInterna has helped us to grow not only in business but also from a linguistic and personal side. The service has saved us a lot in the search for the right intern for our company. It is an investment that has allowed us to grow quickly and the interns always give us a source of innovative ideas. Thanks theInterna!

Laura Baker
Durham University
French & Italian

The process was very efficient with quick responses, not to mention the great support throughout. It’s a great service that I would recommend to anyone looking to work in a dynamic and innovative firm in Italy! The team is my age and all the work is in Italian. A free service which I couldn’t recommend more.

Antonio Barbera
OwnIdea Studio

With theInterna I found the right intern for my audiovisual production company. The team guided me in all phases from research to hiring, also helping me in linguistic intermediation during the call and the journey with the student. An investment that I would do with my eyes closed.

Harry Maxwell
Bristol University
French & Italian

Finding a suitable placement in Italy on your year abroad can be very challenging. theInterna tackles this problem head on, matching aspiring students with driven companies offering internships relevant to their chosen career path, with mutually beneficial results and all this completely free! I wholeheartedly recommend theInterna.

Alessandro Roncaglia

The quality of the service offered by theInterna is impeccable. Optimized the idea satisfies all parties and does not represent a high cost for the startup hosting the intern. It will be a pleasure to host the intern known in the company through theInterna, we are convinced that it will be a very fun and formative experience.

Luisa Flatau
Durham University
Modern Languages

Searching for a work placement in Italy can be a fairly daunting process, theInterna fully understands this and the tea went out of their way to help me find an exciting opportunity in an impressively short space of time. They are incredibly efficient and attentive. They paid attention to my skills and background and matched me with a wonderful company which has given me a great insight into the type of work that I enjoy. It’s been a fantastic experience and it’ll add something really unique to my CV.

Matilde Humphrey
Durham University
Italian & Spanish

theInterna offer guidance and support from beginning to end and could not have been more helpful. They checked in regularly to ensure everything was going smoothly and simplified the whole process, helping me to have a rewarding and worthwhile experience. Absolutely recommend.

Imogen Williams
University of Exeter
French & Italian

Searching for an internship in Italy whilst on your Erasmus year abroad is no easy task but theInterna offer such a fab service to make this easier. The team are super helpful and on hand to help you out and answer questions very quickly. They put you in touch with companies quickly and efficiently and help to make the process as seamless as possible. I would highly recommend theInterna to anyone in need of a placement – it is a great team of people offering a fantastic service.

Lucia-Rose Durham
Cardiff University
Italian & Spanish

Having had my previous work placement in Italy cancel on me last minute, I turned to theInterna during a desperate time seeking a new opportunity in my dream city, Milan. The team were fantastic at responding to me so quickly and efficiently and found me an exciting internship with a Social Media and Marketing Company in Milan without a fee! I highly recommend theInterna for any student who is seeking valuable experience for their year abroad in Italy. Thank you for making the whole process so pleasant and stress-free.

Fergus Linzee Gordon
Durham University
Italian & Spanish

Michael, Conor and the rest of the team at the Interna have been absolutely invaluable in the search for an internship in Italy. After months of searching for jobs, they streamlined the whole process and communicated with the start-ups themselves to find the best possible fit for me. Once I got the job, Michael was attentive and made sure that everything was as good as it could be with the internship. I couldn’t recommend the Interna more and it has made my time in Italy that much better.

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