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We connect ERASMUS+ and Placement Year students to life-changing internship opportunities in fast-growing startups across the globe.


Startup contacts

Entrepreneurial exchange.

Internships in startups offer students exposure to every part of growing a business. For a startup, native English students open up opportunities for a truly international business.


Looking for Entrepreneurial interns?

Startup founders are often idea and energy rich but time and cash poor, at least in the early stages. It is during these early stages that the founding team begin to understand most about their customers, the problem they’re trying to solve and the solution they’re proposing. These moments offer the most insight into the real world of Entrepreneurship.

You understand how the right interns can help take your business to the next level without having to hire sales specialists and marketing experts but you have a few questions…

  • How can I find and attract the best interns?
  • How can I pass over my knowledge when I have to concentrate on sales and growing the business?
  • How can I train them efficiently without a structured onboarding program?

Erasmus +, Year Abroad or Placement Year student?

We believe that the real value of the modern day internship experience lies in the practical skills and exposure the intern receives, not just having a brand name on the CV. Your placement year, be that abroad or in the UK is incredibly important in differentiating yourself in a tough job market. By adding to your employability before you even leave university will give you a great grounding to land that all important grad job!

You understand the importance of getting a good internship, but why a startup?

  • Level of responsibility
  • Target language exposure (Year Abroad)
  • Practical skills

Why should I use theInterna? The below will help

theInterna lies in the intersection between Education and Entrepreneurship. 

We work with placement year students across all subjects to help them find the perfect placement. Our main differentiator though is that we focus solely on working with startups internationally meaning that our candidates not only build their entrepreneurial skills but also cultural. We consistently see graduate employers interested in entrepreneurial and international work experience, there is no coincidence therefore that theInterna focusses on offering exactly the opportunity to do that. Not only this, all candidates that secure an internship through theInterna are automatically enrolled onto our pre-internship course which introduces you to core concepts of modern-day entrepreneurship: Startup Strategy, Sales & Business Development and Digital Marketing. The training gives you the key skills to help you hit the ground running and gives you the opportunity to be working on your receiving organisation’s biggest challenges weeks before you even arrive.

We look forward to receiving your application.

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