Looking to grow your organisation with entrepreneurial interns?

We strongly believe that the right intern can deliver the largest ROI of any of your employees. Imagine what you could achieve if all your interns went through our pre-internship training program too...

Process for employers

Schedule a call

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Outline the profiles you're looking for

Step 2

Together we'll create an opportunity

Step 3

Receive CVs and Cover Letters

Step 4

Interview talented students

Step 5

Found a match? We'll help with all documentation

Step 6

Intern is automatically enrolled onto pre-internship training program

Step 7

Post your offer right away by completing the below opportunity form

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Tell us a bit about your company. Where's the office? How many people are you? How was it born and the story? Future plans.
Please describe (use bullet points if you wish) the opportunity/opportunities available for interns in your company. Does the student need to have a certain level of language ability? What is the number of months you're looking for an intern for?
Please let us know if the student may receive salary. E.g. €500 / month with 10 days holiday every 6 months. Or, this is an unpaid internship but we offer XYZ...
What can the intern expect to learn and gain from working within your organisation? How will you help them to achieve their goals? Remember, aligned goals lead to the best outcomes.
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