A placement year like no other

I'm studying Languages Economics Business Computer Science a degree with a placement year.

We work with students who are looking to get the most out of their Placement Year or Year Abroad. We have a specific focus on startups and entrepreneurship because our experience shows that these opportunities offer students countless advantages

Real responisibility

Startups are nimble and are consistently changing. You’ll start working and leading projects right from the beginning. Your learning curve will be steep but you will get genuine exposure to how a business is run and built.

Venture building skills

Nowadays employers are seeking candidates with both international and entrepreneurial experience. It’s no surprise therefore that theInterna offers just that. Within a matter of months you will have exposure to the key skills required to start a business and launch new products and ideas.

Target language exposure

Specifically for linguists, it’s key to gain target language exposure on your Year Abroad. Larger organisation will no doubt already have international clients and have English as a common language. Startups offer the potential to use both languages.

Why work with theInterna?

We focus on UK Universities

We only work with UK universities, we’ve been through the process ourselves and now want to give you the same experience. Whether you’re about to do your Year Abroad or looking for a placement abroad, we understand how the UK system works. We’ve done it ourselves so can guide and help every step of the way.

We work with all degrees with a Placement Year

We work with placement year students from across all degrees. If you have a placement year as part of your degree then we can help you! Our focus on the placement year means that the startups we work with completely understand that you have to finish your final year. However, it’s not at all uncommon that an intern is offered a full time role for after they finish their degree.

Complete focus on startups

We don’t simply advertise any opportunity. We have a specific focus on startups which means that all our opportunities are with exciting companies looking to grow and wanting you to be part of that growth.

Our pre-internship training course

Many students believe they lack the key skills required to succeed in a startup environment. For this reason before starting your internship, you undergo our 4-week online course made specifically for interns and startups. Not a one-size fits all course on entrepreneurship, but one specifically focused on interns who are ambitious, eager to learn and ready to make a real difference during their time in a startup. A playbook which you can use during your internship and beyond.

A chance to differentiate yourself

In such a difficult job market, making the most of your placement year and gaining the right skills will differentiate you when it comes to looking for that much sought-after grad scheme!

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