Below you’ll find our most frequently asked questions. You’ll have seen by now we work with two main parties: Interns and Startups which is why are FAQs are split as such!


Most frequently asked questions by students


Most frequently asked questions by entrepreneurs


FAQ - Interns

Most frequent questions and answers

It will be specified in the role offer if a level of language is required for the role. The startups we work with are flexible and therefore if you’re a languages student they will help you develop language skills. Nevertheless, there is no requirement.

You can schedule a call via the “Schedule a Call” button found at the top right of the website.

You can apply for an opportunity via the ‘intern’ tab at the top of the website which also outlines the steps. You can view opportunities and register your interest by scrolling down to the bottom of the page on any of the opportunities listed. Please apply directly through the website. You can find out more about how to apply here

Yes. Feel free to download them directly from our Instagram page.

No, you don’t have to. They are there simply as a guide if useful.

Every opportunity is unique. Whilst we aim to get as many of them paid as possible, there are some which are unpaid, however, this is specified in the job description and we recommend that you assess whether your financial requirements would allow you to complete an unpaid internship as you must be comfortable.

You will be enrolled on the course 4 weeks before you begin your internship along with the other inters starting at a similar time to you

No, don’t worry! It is a self-led course with 1 hour weekly group check-ins to discuss the material and answer any questions you might have. Don’t be fooled though, there’s a lot of great content in there so do expect you to put in a few hours!

We strongly believe that the course gives you the right foundations to be successful in a startup. It is part of the whole package that theInterna offers and gives you a free, practical education which can only stand to benefit you in the future.

Prior experience does help, however, the main aspect that employers are looking for in an intern is your attitude. Startups are manic, exciting and constantly changing so they’re looking for adaptable people with a positive attitude who can help them solve complex problems.

All successful interns are automatically enrolled onto our pre-internship training free of charge.

Usually your university will dictate the minimum and maximum requirements for the duration of your placement, but on a general scale a placement can last anywhere between 2 and 11 months. Startups are very flexible with their dates as well so quite often you can find an equilibrium.

If you are a linguist, we would recommend CV in English and Cover Letter in the target language. If you only speak English then please write both in English.

Due to current travel restrictions in place as a result of COVID-19, there are many opportunities which have become remote which mean you can complete them remotely. In some cases, this may change through the course of the year, however your internship may remain remote for the entire duration of your role. This is something to discuss with a potential employer during your interview.

Eligibility for Erasmus dictates that you must be in higher education, studying an official degree or diploma and have successfully completed your initial first year of study. In almost all cases, you will be eligible for the Erasmus scheme if you are looking to complete a year in industry as a student. This is likely to change at the end of 2022 and is being replaced the by Turing system in the UK

Similar to salary/duration, this very much depends on the position you are applying for, and how long the total duration of your placement is. Generally speaking, you are likely to get more weeks of holiday if the duration of your placement is longer.

As we work with startups, they are often unsure as to their hiring needs. Unless specified otherwise please assume that these hiring needs are for the next 2-3 months.

We offer professional templates for both CVs and cover letters which you can access via our Instagram page. But if you’d like to run through with us then feel free to schedule a call!

With only a certain number of months in which you can work, we believe that are startup offers you the greatest amount of responsibility and steepest learning curve.

Of course! We’ve been there and we’re keen to help in all ways we can.


FAQ - Startups

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, of course. Although theInterna has built up a network of the most ambitious UK interns, any intern, whether via us or not, is eligible to sign up for the training.

Those working in startups have an incredible amount of knowledge about entrepreneurship to pass on but do you have a structured way of getting all this across rather than sporadic meetings throughout the week? We partner with startups to deliver a structured transfer of knowledge before the intern even begins. By partnering with theInterna this is an additional benefit you can offer to your interns meaning that you can attract better talent, invest more in your people and give them the opportunity to deliver more value when they start.

We take participants through what we see as the foundational elements of entrepreneurship which we see as:

  1. Startup strategy: Define your vision and the hypothesis to set
  2. Sales & Business Development: Sales skills are arguably the most important as an entrepreneur. You are always selling; to clients, partners, investors, even your first employees!
  3. Digital Marketing: the world is digital and it’s only going to grow. Digital Marketing done right allows us to ensure that our exact audience is able to see your offering.

You can learn more about the structure of the course here

Yes, although we only work with students from the UK, most are interested in the international work experience.

You can decide whether you’d like to offer a part-time or full-time internship.

We work on a contingent business model which is activated only in the case we’ve helped you find the right intern. Please get in touch to learn more about our pricing model but each case is unique.

If you find an intern through theInterna, they are automatically enrolled onto the pre-internship training. If you’d like any of your interns to participate then just get in contact and we can enrol them quickly and easily.

Although we have had some turnarounds in as little as a week, the longer you give us the more people we can reach. We would recommend no longer than 9 months in advance though and no less that 2 weeks.

Of course. For this we’d require time to sit down together and work out the exact offering you’d like to add to your benefits package to those working at your startup.

No, this is a largely self-led course completed by the participants outside of work hours. The weekly calls are completed after work and therefore if the intern has started with the company but is still completing the course, this will not interfere with their working week.