Grow your startup with the most ambitious interns

We're looking for an intern to help us with Marketing Sales Customer success Product Development Data Science Translation Web Development

What makes us different?

Our focus on startups

We only work with startups, this means that all the interns applying through theInterna are excited to gain an entrepreneurial talent. You are no longer completing against the corporates for top talent.

Only UK universities

We only work with UK universities meaning that you’re sure to be able to welcome a native English speaking intern who can help your business grow internationally and help develop the culture of your team.

All roles

We work with interns from a range of backgrounds and subjects including Economics, Languages, Business, Computer Science and everything in between. This means that you can fill any role of you’re looking for.

Documentation support

We know it can be daunting understanding all the documentation requirements from placement agreements to risk assessment forms all the way to visas. We’ve been through the process countless times and therefore are able to help at every step of the way.

Pre-intership training

Your goal is to build the business in a bootstrapped way but with an entrepreneurial team. Founders want to give their knowledge to their team but simply don’t have the time. To solve this, we have condensed our knowledge into a short practical course on Entrepreneurship which is completed as the intern begins with you.

The learning modules are based on 3 core pillars: Startup strategy, Sales & Business Development, Digital Marketing.

Why theInterna?

We don’t simply help find an intern. We think differently. By working with the best UK universities, we are not short of attracting the best talent. Our relentless focus on startups and Entrepreneurship has taught us many things. Our work does not stop once you find an intern. Each successful intern is automatically enrolled onto our pre-internship onboarding course before they arrive. This means that you welcome and intern to the team who has been working on your biggest business challenges weeks before they arrive.

In a world full of theory, we focus on taking interns through practical, implementable and entrepreneurial skills. Of course, always keeping in our mind our two core principles: Education & Entrepreneurship.